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What are the fees at BC Bitcoin?

When purchasing via Bank Transfer, our Buy Coins page will provide you with a total amount of your chosen currency to spend on your order with all fees transparently displayed. Our fee via this payment method is 4% for Bitcoin (BTC) and 5% for all other coins, and once your order exceeds €/£5,000, your order will be subject to a 4% fee. Once payment is received, an experienced member of our team will complete the trade at the best available rate and send the coins directly to your provided wallet address. With a bank transfer, the rate of coin is achieved once your trade is executed.

Alternatively, if you choose to pay via Debit/Credit card, you are provided with an amount of the coin you will achieve for the order total. If you are happy with the amount of coin you will receive, you may proceed in making payment, noting that this amount of coin is locked in. Debit/Credit card payments are approximately 2.5% more expensive than a bank transfer, but this can vary depending on different market conditions. This valuation is a guaranteed amount and once payment is complete, the coins will be sent directly to your submitted wallet address.

If you are looking to Sell your Cryptoassets, our Sell Coins page will provide you with a valuation of how much money you would receive for your coins. This locked in valuation is based on the live market prices with our fees already deducted, provided that your coins are received in a reasonable timeframe. If you are happy with the valuation, you may send your coins to our wallet address and once received, we can process a payment directly to your bank account.

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