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How to Place a Sell Order

To Sell Coins, all you need to do is fill out the relevant order details, send the coins to us and you will then receive payment to your provided details.

We have provided a more detailed explanation below:

Amount of Coin to Sell: Please enter the amount of coin you would like to sell i.e. '0.03' for BTC, '1000' for USDT etc. Please do not enter the fiat vallue such as '£500' or '500', please enter the amount of coin.

Select your Coin: Select the Cryptocurrency you wish to sell.

Select your Currency: Select the currency to receive payment (GBP or EUR).

You will then be presented with a Valuation based on the live market price which includes all our fees already deducted, and this is the amount you are to receive if coins are sent to us in reasonable time.

On the next page, you will be asked to provide your account details for us to make payment to.

On the next page, you will then be presented with our Wallet Address for you to send the coins to. Please ensure you copy and paste this as any discrepancy will result in a loss of coin. What happens if my payment is received outside of operating hours? What is a mining/transaction/withdrawal fee?

Once your coins are received and confimed in our wallet, we can then proceed in making payment to your provided account details. You should also receive an email confirming completion of your order shortly after.

Please note that the above instructions are based on all Compliance checks having been completed.

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