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How much can I buy?

With a bank transfer, there are no upwards limits for how much you spend but our Compliance team may request documentation relating to your Source of Funds. Not to worry, this will all be detailed to you if necessary. We would request this as part of our legal and regulatory obligations which we must uphold. 

With a Card payment, there is an initial daily limit of £1000/€1000. If you wish to increase your daily credit/debit card limit, simply enquire via email and we can provide the next steps on how to request an increase to your limit. Please note that our Compliance team would request some documentation, and a brief Video Call may be requested in order to increase your Debit/Credit card limit. We would like to note that there are no upward limits and less fees with a bank transfer, and our bank is part of the UK FPS so payments can be received very quickly.

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