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How do I sell Crypto?

You can Sell your Cryptoassets through our platform!

Once you have an approved registered account with us, you may navigate to our Sell Coins page to place your order. Here you are provided with a valuation of the money you would receive for your coins with all our fees already deducted, provided we receive your coins in a reasonable timeframe.

On our Sell Coins page, you are provided with the page as shown below:

Here, you would simply need to enter the amount of coin to sell, select your coin and currency to then be provided with a valuation based on the live market price. Please ensure you enter an amount of coin to sell rather than the fiat (£/$) value i.e. 0.02 BTC or 2000 DOGE etc.

If you are happy with the valuation provided, you may proceed to the next step. In the next step, we kindly ask for your bank details for us to make the payment. Once you have entered your bank details and ensured everything regarding the order is correct, we would then provide you with our wallet information for you to send the coins.

You would then be required to send your coins to our wallet information that we provide. To do this, please copy and paste our wallet information into where you are sending the coins, within your wallet provider. If you are unsure how to do this, please refer to your wallet provider's Official Website to know the processes and if you require any assistance, please be sure to get in touch.

Once your coins are received and confirmed in our wallet, we can process a payment to your bank details provided, honoring the valuation previously shown to you (provided your coins are received in a reasonable timeframe).

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