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Zeux Now Lists IOTA for Cryptocurrency Payments in Stores

By Luke Flowers– Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

The app team of Zeux announced on March 21 that they’ve included IOTA (MIOTA) as one of its payment methods on their platform. This means instead of cashing out cryptocurrency, Zeux users can use IOTA to purchase products and services that support Samsung Pay and Apple Pay systems.

By next month, Zeux, which has an FCA regulatory license, will be ready to launch in the EU. Zeux hopes by 2020 to have the service functioning in the United States as well as other regions in stores that sell goods from groceries to other amenities.

The platform allows customers to store funds, make payments and investments all in one place. The app works for both cryptocurrencies and fiat, converting the crypto to cash before making the payment via Samsung and Apple Pay systems. David Sønstebø, IOTA’s founder, thinks that joining up with Zeux will receive adoption for IOTA on a bigger level than currently.

Frank Zhou, Zeux’s CEO, feels compelled and excited to bring cryptocurrency with fiat and traditional economy together as one. He believes the Tangle, IOTA’s independent blockchain protocol, serves as a brilliant means for the development of Dapps and that his company could make use of this later on. The platform has the potential to be integrated with other chains for more options to cash out crypto through store purchases.

In a recent interview, Zhou said that he is happy to provide IOTA users greater financial flexibility with Zeux.

Zeux also added Qtum about a week ago, which is a digital coin like IOTA and, once the app launches, users will be able to utilise buying and selling crypto native to this chain to pay for goods and services.

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