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Young People Earn Crypto by Playing Video Games

By Harry B - Crypto Speculator - 06-09-2021

Blockchain-based games are starting to become all the rage for younger generations. More recent developments help people financially by allowing users to earn while playing. Players can invest in cryptocurrency by completing missions and tasks. The gaming industry is no stranger to cryptocurrency trading and similar industries with some games even selling NFTs of game character skins.

In blockchain games where you can play-to-earn, players usually must invest before playing; this is typically done by buying an NFT. The gaming NFTs can include cards, figurines, and character skins and users may need to obtain one of these before being able to earn tokens. Some of the most popular crypto-based games include Axie Infinity (AXS) and CryptoBlades, which have grown exponentially due to the pandemic. For example, at the start of this year, AXS was worth around $0.5, but now the price has spiked to over $80.

When players play-to-earn, they can swap crypto game tokens they receive for Ethereum (ETH) or even Polygon (MATIC). There are many games that help teach young people about trading crypto and investing. Some of these games include Dragonary, Mist, My DeFi pet, Plant vs. Undead, and more. These games are suitable for kids and even adults, which could be an easy way to earn a bit of extra money. The NFT games provide gamers with a new experience that doesn't let their playtime go to waste, along with accessibility through any form of browser. Without the need for a specific device, crypto games can be played on any PC or phone, providing you have access to the internet.

Money can be generated in different ways when crypto gaming; this can include buying crypto, collaborating with gamers to build teams, and even fighting to win against other players.

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