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You Can Now Purchase Ads In Space With DOGE?

By Harry B - Crypto Specialist - 10-08-2021

Investing in Dogecoin (DOGE) has made the news again as the meme-coin now allows companies to buy advertisements in SpaceMARKET NEWS. In collaboration with DOGE, a business from Canada, GEC, and aerospace company SpaceX are creating modes of marketing and promotions for the stars.

GEC and SpaceX are creating a rocket that will allow space advertising to broaden other new ways to advertise. Reportedly, the companies plan to launch the new satellite next year in early 2022.

Does this mean there will be a sky full of ads? SpaceX and GEC are close to completion with launching a space-ad satellite. To be more specific, the technology service provider GEC is launching the rocket with the assistance of SpaceX to provide potential customers a different platform of advertisement.

GEC's CEO, Samuel Reid, revealed their latest project, CubeSat, which the business is currently in the works toward creating the satellite. The CubeSat will be launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket to assist when entering orbit before releasing as it heads for the moon. The details of the satellite are that one side of the satellite has a pixelated display panel. 

The display light panel is where you may find adverts, logos, and even art appear. That being said, Samual mentioned that the panels are easily accessible for anyone to be able to advertise on the satellite. To set up an ad on the rocket, you will need to use Dogecoin investments as payment.

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