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Wu Blockchain Discloses New Criteria for App Store Reviews by Apple

CJ - Cryptocurrency Specialist 

On October 25, Wu Blockchain, a cryptocurrency news site, announced on Twitter that Apple has made several changes in relation to cryptocurrency and non fungible tokens (NFTs).

Apple revised its App Store Review Guidelines, according to the article, to include NFTs and associated information on crypto trading apps. The article also said that apps are not permitted to utilize their methods to access information or features, such as Bitcoin investment and cryptocurrency wallets.

Wu Blockchain also mentioned that in-app purchases might be used by applications to market NFT-related services including minting, listing, and transferring. Users may also access their own NFTs with apps, provided that NFT ownership does not enable any additional features or capabilities for the app.

According to the updated rules, applications may permit users to browse third-party NFT crypto collections, but only if they don't have any buttons, external links, or other calls to action that direct users to outside shopping alternatives in addition to in-app purchases.

Wu Blockchain's message was finished by referencing the updated rules governing exchanges. On a recognized exchange, apps may assist Bitcoin transactions or transfers. This is only possible if they are only made available in nations or areas where the app has the necessary licenses and authorization to provide a cryptocurrency exchange. The reaction to this news has been mostly favorable, and many cryptocurrency enthusiasts think that this new development will greatly increase the popularity of cryptocurrencies worldwide.

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