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With the Road to Galaxie Cup 2022, the professional Axie Infinity Tournament returns

CJ - Cryptocurrency Specialist – 12-07-2022

The three-stage progressive tournament known as the Road to GalAxie Cup 2022 that precedes the main event in November of this year is back. With Stage 1 registrations opening today throughout the globe, The Gaming Company (TGC), Southeast Asia's leading esports marketing company, has partnered with Hooga Gaming and Lorcan Gaming to bring you the professional Axie Infinity esports competition.

GalAxie Cup is the first-ever one-of-a-kind Axie Infinity Tournament, which was launched to the globe last year with a global esports structure and a Pick-and-Ban phase. The Ethereum-based cryptocurrency AXS and in-game money Smooth Love Potion, cheap cryptocurrency SLP, are used in the turn-based strategy game Axie NFTs. It may be used to exchange crypto to GBP.

TGC is a top esports marketing agency with years of expertise and a track record of successful tournaments and events. "We were extremely thrilled to debut the new season after the tremendous success of the inaugural GalAxie Cup 2021 Axie Infinity competition, and this year, we look forward to continue to elevate the esports experience for participants in the crypto realm." Adrian Gaffor, Group Chief Executive Officer of The Gaming Company, stated, "It will also give additional opportunity to foster up-and-coming talents."

"We are ecstatic to be kicking off the second season of the Galaxie Cup." The enormous positive response to the first Galaxie Cup shows that competitive gaming is still a viable option. We can expect more amazing stuff from The Gaming Company and Lorcan Guild in the future. Let's make Season 2 of the Galaxie Cup one to remember," remarked Khai Chun of Hooga Gaming.

This year's GalAxie Cup 2022 will be divided into three Road To GalAxie Cup 2022 stages and a single Grand Finale (GalAxie Cup 2022). In each of these three phases, there will be a registration period, open qualifying, and playoffs. The prize pool for each stage of the Road to GalAxie Cup 2022 is 150 AXS. The GalAxie Cup Circuit Points will be used as a new system to determine who advances to the 2022 GalAxie Cup Grand Finale. To keep the GalAxie competitive, a new drafting structure will also be used.

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