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With Copy Trading Technology, FNDZ offers a 14 percent APY on staking

  • FNDZ has officially announced its staking program with a 14 percent APY
  • This staking option is presently available on AscendEX
  • Copy trading technology is also available on the platform

    By Ed D - Crypto Investor 07-07-2022

FNDZ, a DeFi platform, has launched a 14 percent APY staking program. This feature of the network allows all of the network's staking pool investors to earn a +14 percent compounded yearly rate.

Furthermore, despite the bad market, this permits its users to earn by investing in cryptocurrency. Its goal is to give traders with substantial returns in a predictable way. FNDZ's technology draws investors from both within and outside the business.

This staking capability is now available on the AscendEX platform. The network intends to add more staking pools in the coming months. Users of the network will have additional staking possibilities as a result of this.

Meanwhile, the platform has a crypto to crypto copy trading function. This feature allows users to trade crypto without having to constantly check the market. In other words, they will have someone manage their trading activity on their behalf. In addition, the network allows users to withdraw monies in a variety of ways.

The platform's money is never frozen, and users may claim them as quickly as feasible. As a result, users have the freedom to do whatever they wish with their assets. They can redistribute it or use it for buying crypto; the choice is completely theirs. FNDZ, on the other hand, wants to change the way individuals engage in social trade by making it easier than ever before. In addition, the network allows novice traders to examine how their portfolios perform in comparison to those of skilled traders.

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