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WisdomTree Has Launched A Cryptocurrency ETP On Euronext

By Tyler - Crypto Broker - 02-12-2021

In the face of regulatory resistance at home, US corporations are pushing to establish crypto market investment products in European countries. In an attempt to avoid the regulation laws in the US, WisdomTree, based in the US, has launched a crypto ETP on EuronextNEWS. WisdomTree, an asset management firm, has recently launched a new listing for its crypto basket exchange-traded asset. The newly released crypto product indicates that businesses located in the United States are now launching cryptocurrency assets to the European market.

The recently launched investment product is currently trading under the name MEGA and has so far been made available to Paris and Amsterdam in Euronext as of December 2. The exchange-traded product (ETP) that was brought out in Europe is WisdomTree’s Crypto Mega Cap Equal Weight ETP. According to WisdomTree, MEGA is backed by already established cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). When MEGA was first released, it was initially listed on Deutshe Boerse and the Swiss SIX exchange back in November. ETP’s provide investors with a safe and secure way to buy crypto-based assets.

ETP’s can also be cost-efficient and be more affordable for investors. Aside from MEGA, an investment alternative is WALT, an ETP for investors who have already were already buying crypto-mega ETP product. Both WALT and MEGA had been listed on Boerse Xetra and SIX in late November 2021.

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