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Will Blockchain Become The New Solution For Old Global Systems?

By Mark L - Crypto Broker - 06-09-2021

The founder and CEO of Ava Labs has been interviewed by Twitter account, The Wolf Of All Streets. The conversation between Emin Gun Sirer, the owner of Ava Labs, and Twitter user Scott Melker took place on YouTube and was reshared to the @scottmelker Twitter page.

Despite reposting the interview today, the discussion between Ava Labs founder and The Wolf Of All Streets was initially posted back in April of this year. The topic of conversation for the interview was regarding Bitcoin (BTC), blockchain, and Ava Lab's future.

Sirer stated that the Bitcoin investment has officially established itself as the new "digital gold" within the recorded discussion, especially as it is the oldest and world's first cryptocurrency. He says that even with Bitcoin investing having been around for quite some time; it is yet to be considered outdated. Though the crypto coin's skyrocketing trend continues to increase in price to buy Bitcoin, Sirer mentioned the cryptocurrency does not come with a "winner takes all" plan and that patience is vital.

Moving on from Bitcoin, the interview begins to explore blockchain technology. Sirer mentioned in the video that all modern-day corporate leaders should look into and integrate blockchain interoperability. He further says that it's important now more so than ever to stay on top of this business-smart trend as more companies are already recognising the value and utilty of the technology and its variety of centralised platforms.

After Sirer urged leaders to look into blockchain technology, Scott Melker then questioned the founder of Ava Labs whether or not global systems will be replaced by blockchain and Bitcoin as they continue to grow rapidly? Sirer responded by saying that global systems would not be "replaced" entirely. Instead, Sirer explained that a completely different ecosystem would develop alongside new opportunities.

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