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Will Bitcoin Become the Reserve Currency?

Kenny Stevens – Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

A bleak future for fiat currencies has been forecast by entrepreneur and famous author Jeff Booth, predicting them to collapse as financial institutions keep printing money, reports Bitcoin.com. He assumes that Bitcoin will become the world's reserve currency with all national currencies anchored to it.

Are all Currencies to be Stuck to Bitcoin?

The author of "The Price of Tomorrow", Jeff Booth, proposed that Bitcoin might become the world's reserve currency and that all national currencies must inevitably be linked to Bitcoin, essentially urging that investors buy Bitcoin as a crypto market investment. Booth launched his book in January, outlining that we are entitled to a global reboot and a new economic system. The developer also founded Builddirect, a Canada-based technology marketplace for home renovation goods.

Booth diversifies and advises against placing all resources into one asset class. Booth has not just one Bitcoin investment, but multiple, alongside gold, in his portfolio. Booth goes on to state that he is bullish about Bitcoin, even backing those that believe it might be the new gold.

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