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Why does DeFi require HOPR?

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DeFi in its present condition

Market value peaks of well over $100 billion looked to be proof that the DeFi environment was both profitable and continually innovative. The current stablecoin issue and subsequent collapse, however, have shown that not everything will go as planned. In fact, several unaddressed problems could endanger the long-term health of the DeFi ecosystem. And then there's privacy, which hardly nobody talks about.

In contrast to centralized systems, where you must trust the service provider, public blockchains allow trust lessness; yet, this transparency creates chances for manipulation. In reality, the existing DeFi environment is less private in several fundamental ways. It's more reliable and secure than the traditional services it's meant to replace.

By transferring many of the institutional processes from TradFi to the blockchain, DeFi has the potential to totally transform banking. However, there are still many challenges DeFi must overcome before it can scale to the general public. By solving some of the most important issues affecting DeFi, the Swiss cryptocurrency privacy company HOPR seeks to satisfy the growing need for data privacy solutions.

Since its debut, DeFi's security and privacy have been heavily scrutinized, with breaches on the Poly Network, Ronin sidechain, and Wormhole cross-chain bridge costing users billions of dollars in liquidity, underlining the fragility of present DeFi infrastructure.

MEV as a Threat

MEV has also long been a popular topic in DeFi since it combines DEX arbitrage and lending protocol liquidations. Using a method called MEV (maximum extractable value), blocks of transactions are reorganized, and additional transactions are added. MEV is widespread on Uniswap and other DEXes since transaction data is accessible to the general public. A blockchain can be front run by users who are mining it or working with miners if every transaction can be seen before it is completed.

Despite several efforts to limit MEV, a new type of attack is on the horizon: collecting the data exposed while connecting to decentralize DeFi services. MEV attacks can be predicted and prepared before the transaction is transferred to the mempool for processing.

HOPR and DeFi

The HOPR brand does not promote alarmism about privacy concerns; instead, they emphasize the positive features of data privacy and the advantages of being able to freely trade crypto without external or internal intrusions. Without network-level privacy, many of the characteristics that DeFi promised, such as trust lessness and the elimination of middlemen from the financial process, would not be accomplished. If HOPR is widely adopted, it will provide critical blockchain-level support for a slew of DeFi-related applications, allowing our crypto market investment industry to grow and thrive.

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