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When Is A Good Time to Sell Bitcoin?

By Tyler Smith – Cryptocurrency Investor

It has been suggested that the best time for selling Bitcoin is when the production has stopped. When the coins have all been created the value could sky rocket due to supply and demand. This would be absolutely great if you can hold out until 2140. So, when is the best time to sell? If only we could jump into the DeLorean and go back to December 2017, then that would have been a fantastic time to sell Bitcoin!

Another tactic could be to sell now and take a risk to buy it back at a cheaper price. There is always a chance that the price will drop but sometimes we hold on in the hope it will rise. Cryptocurrency has a volatile reputation and it certainly does take a confident mindset to know the right time to cash out crypto. People have different expectations on their return of investment, some will be in it for the short to mid-term while others look at it as a long-term investment.

If you are a big fan of crypto and the blockchain technology it brings, then you are more likely to hold on for the long term. The fact that the coins will still be produced after our life time and Bitcoin has only recently celebrated its 10th birthday, we really are in the early stages of the crypto revolution.

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