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What Is KuCoin Platform 2.0?

CEO of KuCoin Michael Gan recently posted on LinkedIn depicting future plans for the exchange. The most prominent update will be the release of Platform 2.0. Updated plans were created due to future developments deviating from their original roadmap plans.

The new platform KuCoin have been working on is to be delayed till the end of Q4 as the back-end and trading system are not yet ready; mainly due to a complete redesign. This is to ensure users’ expectations are met when using the platform to sell crypto. Gan suggests ‘quite a diverse set of features’ will be added showing commitment to innovation. Users are looking for an innovative platform and experience where they can enjoy selling Bitcoin.

Stop orders are to be added to the platform to include FOK (Fill or Kill), IOC (Immediate or Cancel) and GTT (Good till Time). Utilising these features will provide more reassurance and flexibility when conducting trades. The GTT feature could be used on an order to sell Bitcoin in which a conditional request is made to the system a predetermined date unless it is executed or cancelled sooner.

For security, users will be able to register their phone number to receive an SMS when a deposit or withdrawal occurs. This opens KuCoin to more implementations such as an SMS notification when an order is executed or cancelled for either buying or selling crypto.

Exchanges continue to introduce innovative new features to improve their users’ security, experience and availability. With the largest exchanges leading the way we are sure to see more endorsement entering the space.

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