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What Crypto is Best? – Part 3

By Luke Flowers – Cryptocurrency Dealer

With crypto buying dramatically increasing, the focus still tends to be on Bitcoin. We look at the surface of some of the features and purposes of some other digital currencies that have entered the scene:


Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that was developed from the idea of Bitcoin which have a lot of similarities. The developers’ intentions were to create a coin that could be used commercially. Litecoin has been referred to as digital silver by the crypto community with Bitcoin as digital gold. One of the key differences is the amount of coins. Bitcoin can never top 21 million, whereas Litecoin can offer 84 million coins in total supply. The advantages to buying Litecoin is it can have a smaller cost with a speedier transaction confirmation time. It uses an algorithm called Scrypt which is more accessible for users that want to play a role in mining.


The first and most popular Stablecoin, Tether, mirrors the value of a fiat currency by holding enough reserves to back the supply. With the temperamental markets to buy and sell cryptocurrency, having a Stablecoin could help investors trade with more control. It is currently tied to the US dollar with plans to investigate other fiat currencies in the future. Tether uses a proof of reserves protocol and isn’t mined. If you prefer a Stablecoin you can buy Tether by clicking here.


Cardano is offering is the Ada cryptocurrency. It says it’s the first blockchain project to be developed from a scientific philosophy, built by a global team of academics and engineers. It aims to offer scalability utilising layer-based architecture using smart contracts developed with a balance to regulation. Cardano’s vision is to provide a new style of regulated computing to open access for all to a fair financial service. You can buy Cardano at our platform along with other options to buy altcoins.

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