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Whale Alert Team Catches 157.7 Million XRP Transactions From Top Exchanges

By Mark L - Cryptocurrency Professional

In recent news, on social platform Twitter one particular account, known as "Whale_Alert", has spotted an unusual statistic. The account noticed that there has been an overwhelming number of transactions for one altcoin across three major platforms that allow users to exchange crypto. The crypto asset in the spotlight is none other than XRP and it has seen nearly $157.7 million tokens transacted across multiple platforms. The crypto asset has become popular as many investors trade, buy, and sell XRP.

According to the Whale Alert team, the transactions occurred over the last 9 hours. At the time of writing, the total amount of XRP transacted is equivalent to $147,334,103, divided amongst the three exchanges. More information was provided by Whale Alert and another on-chain analytics tool known as Bithomp, showing further statistics regarding the transactions. As of this moment, three separate transactions have been revealed to the public. The three transactions were for 20,215,222 XRP, 60,000,000 XRP, and 77,516,150 XRP.

Reportedly, it was Binance that made the 77.5 million XRP transaction from Bybit exchange. Binance then transferred 60 million XRP to the Huobi exchange. In addition, 20.2 million XRP that was left were sent straight from Bitstamp to be transferred to BitGo.

Ripple has sent a staggering 100 million XRP to its own wallets, in addition to the other transactions previously mentioned. As reported by the Whale Alert team, the firm has since delivered 3 million XRP tokens out of the 100 million to one of China's largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Furthermore, alongside the recent transaction, the Huobi exchange has also received an additional 1,542,780 XRP.

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