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Web3 Unleashes a Viking-Inspired NFT Gaming Revolution

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  • The Rise of Web3 Gaming and Blockchain Adoption

  • Maxelium Games: Bridging the Gap between AAA Gaming and Web3

  • Viking Crypto Punks: A Gamified NFT Minting Adventure

  • Quantelica: A New Ecosystem for Blockchain Gamers

The Rise of Web3 Gaming and Blockchain Adoption

Blockchain technology has made significant strides in the gaming industry, with NFT market growth and in-game transactions leading the way. In early 2023, blockchain gaming accounted for nearly 50% of all blockchain activity, marking a major shift in the Web3 landscape. DappRadar's industry report reveals that over 1.15 million users actively engage in blockchain gaming, resulting in more than 7.4 billion transactions. This surge in Web3 gaming has attracted massive investments, with over $7.6 billion raised by related projects in 2022.

Maxelium Games: Bridging the Gap between AAA Gaming and Web3

In this rapidly evolving environment, Maxelium Games, a Norwegian game developer, is aiming to combine AAA gaming quality with Web3 innovation and scalability. The Oslo-based team, comprising 70 developers from 10 different countries, has created a unique gamified NFT crypto minting experience called Viking Crypto Punks.

Viking Crypto Punks: A Gamified NFT Minting Adventure

Set to launch in the second half of 2023, Viking Crypto Punks allows players to customize characters and make various decisions as they explore the game's storyline in Midgard. Alongside the game, Maxelium is introducing its first NFT collection, The Pioneers, which serves as an entry point into the Viking Crypto Punks universe.

In Viking Crypto Punks, gamers are immersed in a novel NFT minting journey, with the potential to create more than 60 million NFTs throughout a captivating seven-hour odyssey. With only 2 million copies available, exclusivity is ensured, and those who possess The Pioneers NFT coins will be granted complimentary access. Furthermore, each game license includes a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) token, courtesy of the Quantelica ecosystem.

Quantelica: A New Ecosystem for Blockchain Gamers

Developed by Maxelium Games, Quantelica is a technology ecosystem designed specifically for Web3 gaming. Upon its launch, it will feature a marketplace, community, unique NFT collections, play-to-earn games, and attractive incentives for players. Maxelium Games CEO Elijah Elystrand describes Quantelica as "something completely new" in the realm of Web3 gaming.

Quantelica will offer integration with third-party games, innovative software development kits, and unique NFT functionalities, making it a key player in the modern Web3 gaming industry.

Sergey Golubkin, a game producer with an extensive AAA production background, has joined Maxelium Games as chief operating officer. Golubkin's impressive portfolio includes AAA video games like Tom Clancy's The Division, Just Dance, and Steep.

Maxelium Games co-founder and chief community officer, Konstantin Mortensen, shares updates on the Quantelica platform, stating that they are in the process of building a community and plan to launch the ecosystem with The Pioneers Non Fungible Tokens collection.

Following three successful funding rounds, Maxelium Games has partnered with Morten Klein, CEO of Norwegian tech and e-commerce investor Klein Group. Klein sees the project as "promising and exciting" and plans to be an active owner in the development and future direction of the company.

As the gaming world continues to embrace NFTs and blockchain technology, innovative experiences like Viking Crypto Punks and the Quantelica ecosystem demonstrate the vast potential for creativity and engagement in this rapidly evolving space. By combining the immersive aspects of traditional gaming with the unique benefits of Web3, these projects are redefining what's possible in the gaming industry and paving the way for a new generation of decentralized, player-driven experiences. With the backing of significant investors and a growing community of enthusiasts, the future of Web3 gaming appears bright, and Viking Crypto Punks could be just the beginning of this exciting revolution.

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