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Web3 Identities: Huobi NFT Introduces On-Chain Credentials to Facilitate User Access

By Mark - Cryptocurrency Investor - 29/12/2021

Huobi NFT, Huobi Global's official non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, began registrations for its on-chain decentralised identification solution today. This product, also known as Huobi NFT ID, is a new product that allows users to get access to the Huobi NFT metaverse, exclusive NFT releases and airdrops. Huobi is a popular cryptocurrency trading platform with their own Huboi Token (HT) ecosystem. You can Buy HT on our Buy Coins page.

Decentralised identities, like Huobi NFT ID, serve as a portal to the metaverse, allowing users to access the intersection of Web2 and Web3. As a result, everyone interested in exploring the metaverse will need a decentralised identity. Furthermore, a decentralised identity serves as a platform for validating and documenting all information and actions on blockchains, in addition to granting access to their users. Buying Ethereum (ETH) and popular metaverse coins like Decentraland (MANA) are certainly on the rise as more platforms see an increasing demand.

Furthermore, the product gives consumers access to future airdrops as well as limited-version NFTs. "Decentralized digital identities will play a central role in onboarding millions of new users in the metaverse, as more individuals leap Web3," the Huobi NFT Team said, following the trend in more users buying and selling cryptocurrency.

Those who want first access to the product when it releases in 2022 can pre-register now. Surprisingly, in the spirit of the new year's celebration and thanks to long-term supporters, Huobi Global is working to guarantee that users who successfully register will be eligible to get a limited edition of Huobi's 8th Anniversary NFT.

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