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Wanchain Collaboration with EOS will see new Cross-chain Solutions

By Luke Flowers – Crypto Speculator

Wanchain, the cross-chain collaboration platform, intends to integrate with the EOS platform in Q2 of this year as detailed by CRYPTO BRIEFING. This pairing will see the Dapp economy of EOS integrate into a bigger economy with other Dapp projects.

Wanchain has always been focused on creating solutions for cross-chain compatibility allowing different micro-economies to interact and communicate with each other. Many projects on the same network can interact, but the majority will use a different coding language and cannot without a cross-chain solution. 

A solution like this will allow users to buy Ethereum for spending on a Dapp that runs on the EOS network. This would work both ways so a user could buy EOS to spend on a Dapp or game running on the Ethereum network.

Back in September 2019, Wanchain completed a bridge between the Bitcoin and Ethereum platforms by creating ‘Wrapped’ tokens, permitting them to be traded on other blockchains. This partnership with EOS is still an early development of the Wanchain project with further plans to introduce support for ERC-20 tokens, TrueUSD, USDC and BAT. There’s the potential to buy crypto easy to source and use across all platforms in the future.

Wanchain have elaborated that although they have been affected by the bear market, they still have enough investment to fund their projects development for the next five years. The project hopes to bring further integrations other networks. The project could allow users to buy XRP for use within the EOS, Ethereum or one of the other hundreds of potential blockchain projects through cross-chain collaboration.

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