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Vitalik Buterin and Sasha Ivanov discuss decentralized autonomous organizations

Gus – Cryptocurrency Expert

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), according to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, may be more effective than conventional corporate structures.

Buterin posted a lengthy piece describing how decentralized autonomous groups shouldn't conduct business like corporations to maintain their efficiency. He continued by saying that concave decisions - those that are based on crowd intelligence - are preferable to convex ones. Consequently, it is true to say that DAOs with varied input "make a lot of sense".

DAOs must, however, cope with additional, unforeseen uncertainty. The "succession dilemma" is one of DAOs' biggest difficulties. Such organizations must ensure that they can continue operating long after the original set of employees departs. Buterin continued: In these circumstances, DAO-like organizations with significant quantities of different input contributing to decision-making can be very sensible.

Buterin noted that without some non-corporate decentralized forms maintaining the stability of the blockchain, the ecosystem will not continue.

Sasha Ivanov, the creator of Waves, also discussed DAO earlier this week. Ivanov contends that DAOs provide a paradigm for project or business management that evenly distributes voting rights among all participants. In most cases, there is no central authority present; yet, in other governance structures, the reverse may be true.

Ivanov claims that the long-term objective of DAO is to enable the decentralized administration of corporations, organizations, and countries. To balance the equation, other types of individualized, blockchain-based IDs may be necessary, as well as a merit-based voting system.

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