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Video Game Company Atari Establishes New Blockchain Division

By Kenny S - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast - 08-04-2021


As part of a company reorganisation plan, Atari has confirmed the formation of a new blockchain division. According to the company, the latest blockchain division would exploit the novel technology for decentralised gaming.

The gaming giant announced two new divisions — Atari Gaming and Atari Blockchain — in an announcement made on Tuesday. Atari Gaming is still working on Atari's list of iconic retro gaming titles and also the rebooted VCS consoles. Atari Blockchain, however, announced that the new division would concentrate on capitalising potential opportunities at the intersection of gaming and blockchain technology.

As part of the report, Atari Blockchain will focus on building the new Atari Token (ATRI) into the company's gaming world. According to the plan, the expected integration will come with Atari-based blockchain games and the VCS's digital token economy. Atari Blockchain will also be in charge of overseeing the company's participation within the nonfungible token market.

After raising approximately $1.5 million during a private sale round, Atari released its ATRI token in November 2020. Atari was already interested in the cryptocurrency trading and blockchain space before the launch of its token.

Its parent company Atari SA revealed intentions to invest in cryptocurrency in 2018. The gaming platform who pioneered home video game consoles during the 1970s has also collaborated with a few start-ups operating in the blockchain gaming and NFT metaverse landscapes.

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