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VGX Voyager Sees Triple Figure Increase With 926% Price Rise

By Kenny - Cryptocurrency Consultant - 23-01-2021

Ethereum (ETH) based token, Voyager (VGX) has been seeing exponential gains recently as the token has risen by 926%. So, the question is, why has this coin increased greatly, and should investors buy Voyager VGX? Voyager is a token used to reward users of its native centralised exchange. Investors that buy VGX crypto can stake their holdings for various benefits such as receiving cash back on trades and earning staking rewards. As a note, Voyager is also referred to as BQX at certain cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

One of the reasons as to why the price to sell Voyager VGX is on the rise is likely due to its plans to expand its business throughout the entirety of Europe. What makes Voyager different to other cryptocurrency brokerages is that they are commission-free. Another unique benefit is that users are able to trade with many other exchanges through Voyager’s smart order router. An interesting note about the brokerage is that it also provides users with up-to-date market data with detailed cryptocurrency research and charts. Users can also receive up to 9% interest on stablecoins and earn staking rewards with multiple cryptocurrencies.

Since the beginning of 2021, the token had already seen an amazing 620% increase due to its many mergers. The growth in price seemed to have started just a few weeks ago as more investors were buying and transacting on the Invest Voyager app. The mobile application allows users to earn interest by staking VGX to gain higher yields. The apps success indicates further growth in the future.

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