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Verlux, a Cardano-based cross-chain NFT marketplace, has already filled 35% of its presale capacity

The Verlux team is glad to inform the community of the positive reaction to its pre-sale, which has sold out 35 percent of its tokens. While working on the Cross-Chain NFT platform, the team continues to put in long hours.

Users and those who buy Cardano will be able to Mint, Buy, and Sell NFTs on the platform's Marketplace. Verlux will feature a one-of-a-kind system with the Novel Cross-Chain Swap protocol, which will allow users to swap NFTs from other Blockchains to the Cardano Blockchain quickly and easily while maintaining the NFT data's integrity. Characteristics of Verlux.

Verlux has included a staking functionality that allows users to stake $VLX tokens in order to harvest limited edition and 100% unique NFTs that can only be obtained through NFT Farming.

Verlux will provide a decentralised NFT Marketplace to provide crypto market investment opportunities to investors without an entrance barrier or trusted broker; all that is required is to connect a suitable Cardano web-based wallet such as Nami or Gero wallet, click on Mint NFT, and users will be presented with a simple form to market their NFT.

Token $VLX

The Verlux Ecosystem is powered by the utility token $VLX. The $VLX token will be used as a community governance mechanism allowing token holders to vote on proposed platform improvements and advancements. Its utility will also extend to NFT swap costs and the facilitation of NFT transactions, NFT farms, featured NFT listings, and more.

Verlux Facts

Verlux aspires to be the world's largest NFT Marketplace, and they're on a mission to offer continual innovation and build solutions that will allow the NFT ecosystem's boundless potential to be realised. Verlux thinks that the NFT ecosystem is still in its infancy, and that we have the appropriate people in place to help it grow.

In the next days, the Verlux platform will debut its Demo NFT Marketplace, which will provide users a hands-on experience of what the Marketplace will be like once it is fully operational.

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