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Venture Capital (VC) Firm Giants are Excluding Smaller crypto investors

By Kenny S - Cryptocurrency Speculator - 30-07-2021

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As buying Bitcoin (BTC) and other popular crypto dominates financial headlines and attention, previously concerned investors who did not buy cryptocurrency are now re-evaluating their opinions on whether or not they should start investing in cryptocurrency 2021.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers crypto leader Henri Arslanian, more significant partnerships in venture capital, pension funds and private equity are surpassing small investors from engaging in the most forthcoming blockchain products and services. He believes that inflated crypto-tech valuations are to blame and have made it challenging and riskier for small participants to embrace crypto start-up and tech business investments.

Arslanian agreed with some Venture Capital firms, stating that "large VCs come in and put a bid in for a higher valuation" for the project at hand. He expressed his thoughts, stating that it's common for prices to inflate with "very early-stage companies, say, $5 million to $20 million."

Arslanian emphasised the new overwhelming volume of crypto acquisitions as the decentralised community continues to reshape the new asset class. He expressed how, in just three months, cryptocurrency trading enterprises were able to increase and earn 2020's mergers and acquisitions value of $3 billion.

Another report detailing similar inflation addresses FTX's latest $900 million fundraising round listing the VC firms involved. These included Softbank, Multicoin, VanEck, and Paul Tudor Jones, raising FTX's valuation from $1.2 to $18 billion.

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