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Utah County Encourages Mobile Voting in Municipal Elections

By Jamie Green – Crypto Expert

The Utah County is set to pilot Voatz's mobile voting app in its August municipal primary elections.

According to Tuesday's press release, the blockchain-based voting app will be offered by the county to active-duty military, their eligible dependents as well as overseas voters. This pilot is a collaboration between Voatz, the Utah County Elections Division, the National Cybersecurity Center and Tusk Philanthropies. It could be a way of introducing citizens to some of the benefits of blockchain technology and possibly buying crypto.

Being part of Tusk Philanthropies effort to boost voter turnout, Voatz has previously been trialed in Denver's municipal elections and two West Virginia primaries - which is the first time a US state has made use of blockchain-based mobile voting for federal elections. When you buy cryptocurrency, immutable data in included in the block that cannot be tampered with.

This pilot mainly targets troops that serve abroad, who usually rely on absentee paper ballots that can prove to be a hassle when it comes to voting. The US Elections Assistance Commission has been cited in the press release where it says that 300,000 overseas voters had requested ballots in the 2016 elections but weren't able to return them to the county clerks in time. A mobile system would do away with the need for ballot papers and the system would be instant. Much like when you buy Bitcoin, no matter your location, the transaction is likely to be received moments later.

Bradley Tusk, the founder of Tusk Philanthropies and CEO, believes that the pilot shows momentum for mobile voting system and once the people are shown a better and more efficient way demand will increase. The cryptocurrency markets have shown similar correlation in which many have realised you can buy XRP and other crypto to transact with greater efficiency.

Though this solution has not been finalised, plans have been introduced just in time for the next Presidential election year to begin. The voting system still needs much development before it can be utilised, but it could remove barriers so that more can participate where they may not have been able to otherwise.

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