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US President Trump Met with Two Crypto Influencers in Secret

By Mark Lemon – Cryptocurrency Expert

It was recently reported that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and board member Peter Thiel had met with US President Donald Trump in secret this October. Though the very nature of the meeting remains a mystery as the White House has provided no details regarding the matter. The meeting could have been in hopes to promote buying and selling Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to utilise for efficiency.

When the news emerged, Zuckerberg became a target of Democrats on Twitter.

The news about the secret meeting was broken by Facebook on Wednesday, according to NBC News. The meeting was held over dinner at the White House as Zuckerberg was visiting Washington to testify his company Libra's cryptocurrency to the Congress.

Even though nothing has been disclosed on the matter, it is speculated that they discussed cryptocurrencies since Zuckerberg had just testified to Congress about Libra. Perhaps talk of the benefits buying crypto or developing a new crypto could bring.

Another speculation seems to be that they could have been discussing the 2020 elections or national security, given how omnipresent Facebook's surveillance is, it would be an ideal US Intel channel. Though this seems unlikely as Facebook has been at the front of accusations of mishandling user data.

Further to this, Palantir Technologies one of Peter Thiel's other companies is a big partner of the US government with a contract estimated over $800 million in which the company builds software for the battlefield.

Just the idea that one of the most influential Cryptocurrency innovators can yield such political influence, indicates a bright future for the financial tech innovation. Thiel has been buying Bitcoin and is a strong advocate of the technology. He has already invested in a handful of Bitcoin start-ups such as interest-earning and crypto-lending accounts of BlockFi.

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