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US Congressman Says XRP is an Actual Cryptocurrency Unlike Libra

By Tyler Smith – Cryptocurrency Broker

The XRP community can be overjoyed to know that Republican Party Congressman, Ted Budd of North Carolina, called XRP an actual cryptocurrency along with BTC and ETH, naming them in the order of the market cap value. Endorsement from a congressman could impact the markets positively encouraging more to buy and sell Bitcoin.

However, the congressman doesn't regard Libra in the same manner as the others.

The US Could Lose Financial Leadership if Libra Isn't Launched, stated Zuckerberg in his testimony in the US Congress while facing a wave of criticism from US lawmakers.

It was here that Ted Budd, a North Carolina Congressman stated that Libra isn't an actual cryptocurrency whereas Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP are.

Zuckerberg, in retaliation, stated that if Libra doesn't get support from the US government, the entire nation's financial leadership won't be guaranteed. Zuckerberg apparently was referring to the Chinese digital currency, known simply as the "China Coin," which is right now being tested by China's Central Bank (PBOC) which is pegged to the yuan. Chinese citizens could then buy and sell cryptocurrency pegged to the yuan for daily activities.

When asked what role will Facebook play should the Libra Association decide on launching the coin regardless of the regulatory approval, Zuckerberg said that Facebook will depart from the Association. Facebook has been scrutinised in the past for potential control and authority over the blockchain.

@CryptoBull2020, one of the active XRP community members tweeted that he remains bullish on the XRP price and thinks by the end of 2019, it will hit an all-time high of $10. Many would need to buy XRP for the price to reach this high of level in which the all time high for XRP stands at less than a third of this prediction.

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