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Upland Launches Metaverse for Purchasing and Selling NFT Virtual Properties in Los Angeles

Upland, among the most durable NFT platforms and is one of the fastest-growing blockchain metaverses that is linked to the real world, has announced the release of its latest city in Los Angeles. Upland's West Coast extension to Los Angeles, California, highlights rising demand for homes in or near major Metropolis Hubs as the second biggest major city in the United States and the largest city in Upland measured by the amount of properties for sale.

Important dates include the following: Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles

  • Los Angeles City Opening, Thursday, January 27th
  • Thursday, January 27: Collection/Metaverse Hunters Reveal: South LA Open Week of February 3: North LA Open Week of February 10

Upland's metaverse is now available in 18 US communities, with over 100,000 virtual owners from across the world. Since the beginning of the year, users have acquired over 2 million NFTs, and virtual land in areas like San Francisco, the Bronx, Chicago, New Orleans and Manhattan has been sold out owing to overwhelming demand. More than 125,000 daily active users buy and sell cryptocurrency, and exchange virtual properties, construct residences, full property collections and engage in treasure hunts and city tours every day.

In the previous several months, Upland has seen unprecedented growth and activity, with new highs in Daily Active Users (125K), Daily Transaction Volume (204 Billion UPX), and Daily Transaction Value (204 Billion UPX), and Volume of Trade Per Day (10.9k Trades). Places in the San Francisco Bay Area are nearly sold out, while cities in Manhattan's sphere of influence have been sold out for a long time. This has put tremendous strain on their individual regions' supply and demand, highlighting the necessity for more city expansions.

Market activity has never been higher, and availability has never been more constrained, in City Hubs like Manhattan–and adjacent places like Brooklyn and Staten Island. Upland's motto is "Rebuild the World," and gamers, known as "Uplanders," may not only buy virtual homes, fan items, and other digital commodities on the company's platform, but also join a vibrant community. Uplanders may also trade crypto or sell their digital things they possess with other players.

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