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Unizen joins forces with Jun Capital to form a non-profit cryptocurrency trading platform

  • Unizen was able to acquire money to launch a cryptocurrency non-profit organisation
  • The CeDeFi Alliance brings together DeFi initiatives and CeFi institutions
  • CeDeFi is the result of a collaboration between Unizen and Jun Capital

CeDeFi is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Unizen has successfully raised funds to launch CeDeFi Alliance, a crypto non-profit organisation. Unizen and Jun Capital, a crypto market investment platform, will team together to launch a Centralized Decentralized Finance (CeDeFi) initiative that would bring DeFi initiatives and CeFi institutions together. As a result, crypto assets will be more accessible while mainstream adoption is accelerated.

Unizen and Jun Capital will work together to establish a CeDeFi foundation that will focus on offering a cost-effective financial system. Extensive regulation, complete compliance, a diverse tech toolbox and high-impact communication are just a few examples.

CeDeFi Alliance will continue to advocate its interest to key industry stakeholders in order to gain institutional and governmental opportunities in order to ensure market stability. It will also allow the organisation to broaden its worldwide reach and establish new network relationships.

Unizen and Jun Capital have collaborated to develop ZenX incubator, the first CeDeFi incubation provider for decentralised teams. The technological and practical components of the financial system are represented by the projects and use cases studied in the incubator. The CeDeFi Alliance is in charge of the theoretical foundations and regulation at the same time. CeDeFi Alliance, on the other hand, will first focus on financial applications using a centralized-decentralized model. It will look at creative applications in other industries. The CeDeFi Alliance will act as a meeting place for centralised and decentralised investors in the sector, disrupting the many industries of blockchain and digital assets.

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