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Uniswap Labs buys the NFT marketplace aggregator Genie

CJ – Cryptocurrency Dealer

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange is striving toward making its platform available for universal ownership and trading. Uniswap has purchased NFT marketplace aggregator Genie for an undisclosed sum.

"We're happy to apply all we've learned manufacturing DeFi solutions to NFTs," Uniswap stated in a statement. The first deployment will be made to the Uniswap web application, and developer APIs and widget support are planned for the future.

Genie is known for being the first marketplace aggregator for Non Fungible Tokens that enables users to trade NFTs on several markets. Users have the opportunity to purchase NFTs in bulk from many popular markets in a single transaction, saving up to 40% on gas costs.

Uniswap announced the acquisition and confirmed that as part of its efforts to spread the benefits of the integration, it intends to airdrop USDC to early Genie users.

The decentralized exchange sees NFTs as "an essential gateway to web3" rather than "a distinct ecosystem from ERC20s." It's intriguing that the transaction occurs at a time when the market is generally pessimistic and the forecast for NFT crypto trade volumes is bleak.

While NFT supporters and cryptocurrency investment players have been going through difficult times lately, entrepreneurs and business leaders that are committed to the idea of a crypto future have grabbed the chance to increase their investments.

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