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Ukraine Authorities Seize Crypto Mining Equipment From Nuclear Power Plant

By Luke Flowers – Cryptocurrency Broker

Ukraine's top counterintelligence and law-enforcement agency located and seized crypto mining equipment from a nuclear power plant site. This equipment could have been used to mine and sell Bitcoin using the illegal electricity.

Local media reports say that the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) confiscated a motherboard, six Radeon RX 470 GPU video cards, a USB and a hard drive, power supplies and extension cords, as well as cooling units that were installed in the South Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant on July 10.

Every one of these items was found in a single office room, No. 104, located in the administrative wing that is separate from the power facility that belongs to the state-owned Energoatom enterprise. Evidence suggests that it could have been a single user that set up the rig.

Given that the power plant is registered as a state secret, withholding, storing or using outside computer equipment is forbidden within the premises.

Ukraine branch’s National Guard on the same day uncovered more crypto mining equipment from the same power plant. Over 7 hard drives, 16 GPU video cards, a router, and 2 solid-state drives were uncovered.

Instead of CPUs, more specialised equipment has come in favour of the crypto mining community such as ASICs. These computers can mine more efficiently increases the chance the user will receive and cash out Bitcoin. Many CPU’s and GPUs cannot compete.

It’s not known at this time what type of coins were mined nor if they tried to cash out crypto as the SBU refused to comment at press time.

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