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UFC fighters who have been voted for by fans are now earning Bitcoin bonuses in their pay-per-view events

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On the website of Crypto.com, a competition called the Fan Bonus of the Night allows fans of mixed martial artists (MMA) to vote for their favorite fighter. Each fan who watches the UFC PPV gets three ballots and can select two competitors for each fight. Voting will open at the beginning of the PPV prelims and end an hour later, or whenever the competition is over.

The top three vote-getters will get three goodies from Crypto.com, based on fan votes. The first-place winner will get $30,000 in Bitcoin price, the second-place winner will receive $20,000, and the third-place winner will receive $10,000.

The Fan Bonus of the Night will be added to UFC President Dana White's current $50,000 Fight of the Night and Performance prizes for UFC fighters.

"They are already one of the greatest partners ever had," White said of the company's cooperation with Crypto.com. White went on to say nice things about their crypto platform partner, “this new Fan Bonus of the Night is a fantastic method to increase fan engagement while also recognizing combatants for outstanding performances.”

UFC and Crypto.com signed a $175 million sponsorship contract in July 2021, as you may recall. The crypto platform was awarded the UFC's first-ever worldwide Official Fight Kit Partner as part of the partnership.

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