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Two Futures Platforms Launched by Binance for Public Testing

By Tyler Smith – Crypto Investor

Two Binance Futures Testnet Platforms have been launched by the Maltese-based global crypto exchange, where users can participate in a 10,000 Binance Coin futures trading competition.

The two futures trading platforms are named Futures A and Futures B in testing mode. On September 2, Binance announced that customers can partake in a simulated trading competition before the official launch. A platform like this allows investors to expose themselves without having to buy Bitcoin and hold the asset.

Users can gain exposure to other coins as well without buying crypto and Binance could introduce more futures as popularity increases.

As per the announcement, the winners of the competition will be granted a total sum of 10,000 BNB, which is worth $216,000 at the time of writing. Participants will be provided with 100,000 Tether tokens (USDT) in simulated funds by Binance within the competition on both platforms. This means that every account will receive that amount without having to buy crypto for testing.

The participants will be ranked further based on the total USDT trading volume transacted, including the buys and the sells excluding wash trading. Along with this and in order to be eligible, the participants must be required to maintain the originally allocated 100,000 USDT in simulated funds at the end of the competition.

Binance is also inviting clients to take part in voting where the voters of the winning platform will be offered a 50% trading fee discount on the official Binance Futures Platform for an entire month. A great incentive for any looking to gain exposure to the price volatility without buying Bitcoin or crypto.  

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