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Twitter will create a prototype wallet to support cryptocurrency transactions

David – Cryptocurrency Expert 

  • A wallet prototype for Twitter is apparently being developed to handle cryptocurrency investment

  • Users may now post links to certain third-party payments on Twitter thanks to a recent feature addition

  • The debut of BlueSky has been connected to the announcement

A wallet prototype for Twitter is apparently being developed to handle cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. By sharing the information on Twitter, security researcher Jane Manchun Wong made it known to the public.

Twitter introduced a new tool earlier in September 2021 that allows users to post links to certain third-party payment providers to their Twitter profiles. Users may now upload their Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) wallets to their accounts and link a third-party payment provider, enabling followers and supporters to tip in those cryptocurrencies.

Notably, in order to utilize this service, customers must establish and manage their own wallets and addresses. At initially, the feature worked with Bitcoin. Later, Twitter added NFTs and Ethereum addresses to the capability.

According to rumors, adding a native cryptocurrency wallet to the platform would remove the need for any third-party services and bring the social media platform closer to Elon Musk's vision of "X, the everything app," which is thought to compete with WeChat. BlueSky, Twitter's decentralized social media network, which debuted its beta app, has been linked to the new statement. The platform will not contain crypto functionality, as underlined by BlueSky CEO Jay Graber.

The crypto wallet function has the potential to make Twitter a fully functional Web3 platform. However, Twitter hasn't made any formal announcements on the rollout of the cryptocurrency wallet.

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