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Twitter Tip Jar May Be Adding Cryptocurrency’s Second Best Asset, Ethereum

By Aaron - Crypto Investor - 30-11-2021

The release of the Twitter Tip Jar function came as amazing news for investors that avidly buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC). The feature allows Twitter users to pay and support their favourite content creators in an easy and accessible way. In the tip function, fans can support influencers through using any of the multiple payment gateways available. One payment option excited many crypto investors as Twitter users can send their Bitcoin investments to creators. Other payment options include Strike (Bitcoin Lightning Network), Cash App, Bandcamp, Patreon, Chipper, Razorpay, Venmo, Wealthsimple Cash, and PicPay. Recently, investors have been discussing whether Ethereum (ETH) will be the next crypto market investment added to the tip feature.

After Twitter announced in September that the Tip Jar will include the option to pay with Bitcoin, many crypto experts have theorised that Ethereum is next in line for the tip jar. One Twitter user with the username @CryptoWhale had stated that Ethereum would make a lot more sense for the tip jar feature than Bitcoin. The user explained that Ethereum is known for having better functionality than the crypto giant Bitcoin. An Android developer, Alessandro Paluzzi, had mentioned that the company he works for, Java and Kotlin, we’re looking into crypto tips. He went on to say that in September after the tip jar announcement, the company has been researching and developing on how they can enable users to pay and receive Bitcoin and Ethereum as tips.

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