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Twitter Now Has Stock and Cryptocurrency Charts and Cash Tags

David - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

  • Support for price charts for well-known assets and stocks has been implemented into Twitter

  • Users will be able to view and trade their Robinhood wallets using the new functionality

  • Twitter Business unveiled $Cashtags with support for indices

Twitter has added support for price charts for popular stocks and assets, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Users speculate that Twitter could provide more functions in the future.

On December 22, Twitter Business unveiled the $Cashtags feature with index support. According to the announcement, pricing charts will be displayed alongside the search results if a major stock or cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund (ETF) has a dollar symbol in front of it.

To use the new function, users may click on or search for crypto assets and even buy and sell cryptocurrency through Robinhood or other wallet providers. Users may access the wallet provider by clicking the "View on Robinhood" link. Users may link their wallets with Robinhood and trade cryptocurrencies. A formal statement of collaboration has not been released.

Soon after the announcement, Elon Musk tweeted to praise the crew. Users were baffled as to why the 'DogeFather' left Dogecoin out of the new functionality, though many are still eager to buy Dogecoin and other alt coins.

Jason Calacanis, a US investor, praised the $Cashtags debut. "$Cashtags can have 15 additional features," he declared. 

Holders of Dogecoin have been waiting for a formal announcement on payments integration since Musk bought Twitter. However, Dogecoin's price has fallen after Musk announced his resignation as Twitter's CEO.

Musk was charged with funding DOGE through a pyramid scheme in September. If there is any substance to this argument, it will be determined by the ensuing $258 billion lawsuit brought against him.

Musk assured investors that he would "keep supporting Dogecoin," but it's possible that he is delaying action until the litigation is settled. It's also important to recognize the SEC's expanding authority over crypto influencers.

Additionally, the sector anticipates Musk to enhance Memecoin as it expands. This may be the reason he hasn't yet announced any notable payment tools that are Dogecoin compatible.

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