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Tweets from Axie Infinity Display a Bullish Tendency LunarCrush

CJ - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast 

Axie Infinity, an NFT-based online gaming platform, has started displaying a positive inclination toward the bull market, indicating a dramatic rise in the coin's price during the negative era, according to a tweet from LunarCrush, the social intelligence for cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and equities.

As "AXS bounces off its negative market," LunarCrush tweeted, the gaming platform has been socially active today. According to the tweet, Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) hit an Out of the top 3,953 currencies on the crypto market, this currency has an "Alternative Rank" of 1.

The protracted crypto winter had been badly affecting the whole crypto sector since November 2021. Like every other currency, Axie Infinity had taken a beating from the negative market in recent months.

The unlock event made a significant contribution to raising the coin's total supply, which was 103 million prior to the event. The supply grew by roughly 8% following the event, raising the coin's worth.

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