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TSHARE is down over 50% in the midst of Tomb's negative trend

  • Market prices for Tomb (TOMB) and Tomb Shares (TSHARE) are falling
  • TSHARE has dropped by more than 50%
  • Bitcoin is currently trading for under $35,000 dollars

People are debating whether they should be investing in cryptocurrency now when the crypto market is going through a global massacre, which can be felt in all corners of the market. The Tomb (TOMB) and Tomb Shares (TSHARE) networks are two of the largest Fantom digital assets that have been heavily damaged by the negative market. To be more specific, TOMB, a cryptocurrency pegged to the price of Fantom (FTM), has been under peg for several days.

TSHARE, a digital asset in the TOMB network, has also seen its price drop by more than half. TSHARE is currently trading at a low of $7.5K, down from a high of $20K in recent weeks. Indeed, this is a price performance that has the potential to propagate FUD within the company's network, including its investors.

This prompted DeFi Signals, a Twitter user who posts market updates, to respond in a tweet.

The present state of the TOMB network was revealed by DeFi Signals' tweet. "$TSHARE is down by more than 50%. For several days, the price of $TOMB has been below the peg. Is $TOMB's end approaching?

TOMB and TSHARE, on the other hand, aren't the only crypto assets that have been hit by the bear market. When the market falls below $35k, Bitcoin, the king of crypto assets, also falls to its knees. This price performance of BTC shows a fall rate of more than -22 percent, a level that some investors dislike, but others see it as a good opportunity to buy bitcoin through trusted BTC broker that offers cheap cryptocurrency.

Tomb Finance is currently placed sixty-fourth in the Fantom network's TVL rankings at the time of writing.

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