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Trump Sells His Non Fungible Tokens Collection

David – Crypto Speculator 

Following long-awaited rumours that a big announcement would be approaching former US President Donald Trump on Thursday unveiled a 45,000-piece set of $99 each NFTs.

Contrary to popular belief, the statement has nothing to do with Trump's recently announced bid for the presidency in 2024.

Trump appears in a number of cartoonish outfits on the NFT trading cards, including astronaut suits and cowboy hats, which Trump described in a promotional video as "scenes pertaining to my life."

The website claims that the launch's proceeds, which are already sold out will have nothing to do with funding the Trump campaign. He explains that they are really modest collector pieces and that purchasing one will entitle the purchaser to participate in a variety of prizes, including dinner with Trump, a Zoom chat with Trump, and autographed memorabilia.

The tokens were sold out 12 hours after they first went on sale, hitting a trading volume of $1.17 million in the first 24 hours.

Many remarked that everything was quite on brand.  Trump isn't even a fan of cryptocurrency, as he stated years before, claiming that Bitcoin is a scam. Many think that Trump’s opinion towards NFT crypto might have changed and he might support the ideas of crypto and the NFT market in the future. Additionally, Melania Trump, the former First Lady, started her own NFT coins on Solana exactly one year prior to Donald Trump's NFT launch.

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