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TRON's Founder Gifts $78.4 Million Sculpture to APENFT 

By Jamie G - Crypto Broker - 23-11-2021


The Founder of the TRON Foundation, Justin Sun, has recently won a high-end art piece at an auction, winning a sculpture for the price of $78,396,000. Sun took home an Alberto Giacometti sculpture called "Le Nez," translating to "the nose" in English. This piece is part of Giacometti's collection of withered humanoids with elongated features. His artwork resembles bronze totems with essences of cubism and surrealism. In this case, Sun had won a totem of what appears to be a human-like head with a lengthened nose and neck. After Sun bought the influential sculpture, he then donated it to the APENFT (NFT) Foundation.

Reportedly, Le Nez was sold as the second most expensive item in the first half of the auction. The auction was held on November 15th as Le Nez was sold by Sotheby's within the Macklowe Collection. So why would TRON donate a world-class art piece worth $78 million to APENFT? APENFT is a company that supports artists, invests in art pieces worldwide, and would even buy crypto art pieces to register them within its blockchain. APENFT wishes to bridge the gap between artists and the non-fungible token (NFT) world. 

APENFT Fund helps the company buy traditional and digital art pieces, sponsor galleries, pay for art exhibits, and support the people within the industry. Fans and enthusiasts can further support the companies cause by buying APENFT (NFT) tokens, which can be found at popular crypto exchange platforms.

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