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Top 10 Coin List From LunarCrush Shared On Twitter Based On Engagement

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  • The top 10 coins according to social interaction are tweeted by LunarCrush

  • The top ranking was for Bitcoin

  • Shiba Inu came in at number 10

The top 10 cryptocurrencies by social interaction for October 25 were listed by LunarCrush, a popular cryptocurrency social media and market research company.

The top cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin, ranks #1 on the list. Bitcoin price is $19,347.31 and a 24-hour percentage loss of 0.03%. It has a 24-hour high of $19,425.50 and a 24-hour low of $19,169.81. The current market capitalization of Bitcoin is $371.30 billion, with a volume of $575.94 million transactions per day and a value of $5.58 billion. Bitcoin is followed by Ethereum. Trading at $1,358.56, ETH had a 24-hour profit of 0.98%, a low of $1,324.70, and a high of $1,359 during that time. In addition, Ethereum now has a market worth of $162.62 billion, a 24-hour volume of $562.86 million, and a 24-hour transaction value of $2.56 billion.

Aptos was the third alternative coin to garner the most social interaction today. At the time of writing, Aptos was trading at $9.32, down 4.56% over the previous 24 hours, with a low of $9.08 and a high of $9.89. Additionally, Aptos now has a market capitalization of $1,213,798,558, a 24-hour volume of $683,927,361 million, and a value of $683,927,361.43 per transaction. Solana came in at number four on the list, trading at $28.52 with a $39.46 24-hour trading volume and a $10.26 billion market value. Fifth on the list was Cardano, with ADA trading at $0.3635, registering a gain of 1.09%, and a market valuation of $12.27 billion.

Other currencies in the top ten included Tezos (Trading Price: $1.35), Polygon Matic (Trading Price: $0.879), Tether USDT (Trading Price: $1.0), and Dogecoin (Trading Price: $0.06) and Shiba Inu (Trading Price: $0.0000100), two of the most popular meme coins.

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