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TomoChain Lab Announces New Governance Platform

By Max S - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast 

In recent news, a blockchain network with a delegated proof of stake consensus, TomoChain (TOMO), is integrating a governance platform within its ecosystem. According to TomoChain Labs, they are excited to announce the launch date for the new feature system, TomoMasterDAO.

The team is said to have been "hard at work" in formalising the new platform and releasing it into the TomoChain network. The platform is designed to help developers and project builders who wish to build within the TomoChain ecosystem.

TomoChain utilises its native cryptocurrency, TOMO, where platform users and buy TomoChain TOMO and use it throughout its ecosystem. According to the company, TOMO can be reserved for third-party apps. The third parties will need to invest in TOMO in order to build new applications or even create cryptocurrency trading tokens. 

The new platform feature, TomoMasterDAO, has a goal to support security while providing each user with a secure and safe experience. User experience and engagement is reportedly the platform's main focus, which is considered to be an interesting new intake when building a blockchain governance within the network. The focus will be directed towards helping users establish new technologies within the TomoChain ecosystem. Aside from user engagement, the new governance platform hopes to build a powerful community that regularly creates new developments and to help further the network's progression in the crypto industry.

According to TomoChain, the new feature will help address the issues the majority of crypto investors have. Some of the issues include lack of education, high gas fees, or even unsuitable reward schemes. The new tDAO token is said to help users vote within the ecosystem without the unnecessary gas fees while providing decent rewards for anyone that votes.

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