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Tokenization of Pre-IPO Shares by Portal Affiliates using HighCircleX

  • Portal has announced a collaboration with HighCircleX
  • The partnership aids in the tokenization of pre-IPO company shares on the Bitcoin network
  • Portal users will have access to tokenized securities as a result of this agreement

Ed D - Crypto Investor - 07-07-2022

Portal, a Bitcoin-based cross-chain Layer-2 DEX, has announced a partnership with HighCircleX, a blockchain-based asset marketplace. This cooperation aims to let pre-IPO firms like SpaceX, Klarna, Automation Anywhere, Cross River Bank and Epic Games tokenize their shares on the Bitcoin network which helps to drive Crypto adoption and makes investing in cryptocurrency easier.

Furthermore, the tokenization of shares in private, pre-IPO enterprises will boost the Bitcoin blockchain's utility and assist illiquid assets gain liquidity, making it more accessible to trade crypto. As Portal continues to build layers of apps on top of it, both goals will be met. Registered Portal users will have easier access to crypto assets in one wallet as a result of this agreement. The number of available investor bases for HighCircleX will therefore be increased.

Dr. Chandra Duggirala, the Executive Chairman of Portal, comments on this well-known partnership, saying that Portal is delivering real-world use cases for Bitcoin investment adoption. He goes on to say:

“Many more financial assets will be tokenized into the trusted Bitcoin blockchain in the future. Although these assets are not bearer assets like Bitcoin, the availability of both security and non-security digital assets through a simple interface for users that fulfill accredited investor criteria signals the start of the Bitcoin ecosystem's integration with mainstream finance.” This also addresses the issue of liquidity dispersion across a variety of exchanges and apps. Meanwhile, Hemanth Golla, CEO of HighCircleX, outlines how HCX helps investors invest in private equity deals. "It provides members rapid access to fractional ownership of stocks in the hottest firms," Golla continued. We believe that tokenization, as well as the quick and easy tradability that comes with it, will greatly open up and develop this market."

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