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To help the metaverse grow, Parity has teamed up with Klaytn

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  • Klaytn and Parity Technologies will collaborate to boost metaverse growth
  • They'll collaborate to create Klaytn-Substrate, a Substrate-based Klaytn chain
  • Polkadot and the Klaytn mainnet will be connected to Klaytn-Substrate

Today, Klaytn and Parity Technologies announced a significant partnership. According to Klaytn, this partnership will enable it to achieve its objective of being the blockchain of choice for global gaming and metaverse enterprises. The blockchain network Polkadot has made Parity a leading provider of blockchain infrastructure. Parity is a blockchain infrastructure provider best known for the blockchain network Polkadot, and Klaytn is a modular, open-source public blockchain.

Klaytn-Substrate, a Substrate-based Klaytn chain, will purportedly be built in collaboration with Parity and Klaytn. This chain will first function as an alternate implementation of the Klaytn specification as well as a sidechain to Klaytn's main chain, according to the pair.

Klaytn-Substrate will be connected to Polkadot and the Klaytn mainnet in order to serve as an intermediate environment where collaborative technology, corporate, and community efforts may come together in new and exciting ways.

The partnership with Parity, according to David Shin, head of global adoption at Klaytn Foundation, was in accordance with their objective of creating an interoperable blockchain platform for the metaverse.

Klaytn-Substrate will allow developers to create dApps in a multi-chain environment and investigate collaborative use cases across the Klaytn and Polkadot chains. Parity Technologies' VP of Ecosystem Development, Omar Elassar, is equally ecstatic about the relationship. "We're looking forward to working with Klaytn to assist in its further growth as a significant player in the metaverse and gaming." "The Klatyn team recognizes that Substrate is the best SDK for exploring technical and business use cases," Elassar stated.

The Klaytn-Substrate will also serve as a major "canary network," according to the researchers. Notably, once the Klaytn-Substrate chain is live, the partnership will continue with the creation of new dApps for the chain, and the multichain launch of current Klaytn and Polkadot apps. The Parity and Klaytn teams announced that they will collaborate to extend the network of businesses built on the Klaytn-Substrate platform, fostering a varied range of service providers and a robust and highly functioning business environment.

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