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Time for Patience: Fresh Approaches to Survive the Crypto Winter

David - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

  • On his YouTube channel BitBoy Crypto, Ben Armstrong posted a new video titled ‘2023 Crypto Portfolio STRATEGY’

  • He discussed the measures he has taken to protect himself from a harsh crypto winter, which is predicted to hit the space the next year

  • He claimed that he had conserved the stablecoins he now has for use during ‘Armageddon’

Ben Armstrong, a content developer, and cryptocurrency enthusiast recently posted a new video to his BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel about the 2023 Crypto Portfolio STRATEGY for Bitcoin Investing and Cryptocurrency Investment. In the video, Armstrong shared his strategy for Bitcoin investment and other cryptocurrencies in 2023 and gave a general overview of his portfolio, which is ‘doing fairly well with ETH and Cardano dollar-cost averaging’.

However, Armstrong also discussed his plans for surviving a potential crypto winter, which may hit the market in the coming year. He mentioned that he holds between 15% and 20% of his portfolio in stablecoins, which he plans to use during times of market turmoil, or what he refers to as ‘Armageddon’. Armstrong stated that he would begin introducing the stablecoins to his portfolio whenever the Bitcoin price falls below $15,000 and would save half of these stablecoins to use when bitcoin falls below $8,000.

In the video, Armstrong also highlighted the importance of using a cryptocurrency exchange or a crypto asset management service to help with buying and selling crypto assets. He emphasized the need for thorough research and careful planning when it comes to cryptocurrency investment and suggested that investors consider a well-diversified portfolio to help mitigate risk in the volatile crypto market.

Armstrong concluded the video by saying that now is the time for patience and that he hasn't made any specific changes to his coin holdings because the market has "clearly gone down a little bit farther". He advised investors to keep a long-term perspective and to have a well-diversified portfolio to help mitigate risk in the volatile crypto market.

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