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Three Bitcoin Trams to Descend Across Hong-Kong Streets

By Luke Flowers – Cryptocurrency Expert

Hong Kong's Bitcoin Association, a prominent local partnership supporting cryptocurrency trading, awareness and education, is launching a Bitcoin advertisement campaign in Hong Kong, one of the world's largest global financial hubs.

The Bitcoin Tram Campaign

The education and awareness campaign will see three Bitcoin trams and 20 accompanying giant billboards, distributed at various public landmarks across the island. Readings will recognize statistics, provide information on how to buy Bitcoin and promote its implementation. A similar campaign on Bitcoin investing was exhibited in the US earlier in August by the digital asset hedge fund Grayscale.

The trams will be decked from top to bottom with cryptocurrency logos and will run for the next four weeks through multiple central routes. The message addresses the significance of the coin supply scarcity and how it promotes a stable and healthy monetary ecosystem. One billboard calls out precisely this in its oversized text that reads “More U.S. Dollars have been printed in 2020 than were in existence in 2009. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin.”

Another of the campaign’s quotes comes from the American author Stewart Brand, who has previously cautioned that those who fail to adapt with and follow new technology and innovation are often at a disadvantage; “if you’re not part of the steamroller” he says, then “you’re part of the road.”

One of Hong Kong’s reputable publications asserted that the cryptocurrency community aim to ignite a conversation on the implementation of digital assets and how it can help develop a new economic infrastructure to match the rapidly evolving global digital marketplace. The vehicles will also display multiple hashtags and slogans to help amplify their presence online. Some note that the independent capitalist and commodity driven landscape of the island make it apt for such a public message.

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