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The Year 2022 Will Go Down In Web 3 History

David - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

It's incredible to think that in 2022, NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) were sold for hundreds of millions of dollars, and Bitcoin price reached an all-time high of almost $60,000 USD. The year also witnessed the failure of several cryptocurrency businesses, notably the infamous FTX, and caused Bitcoin to drop to $16,000 USD, wiping off hundreds of billions from the market valuation. Simply said, it was a year the Web 3 community will never forget.

However, the Web 3 world also saw many benefits in 2022. For example, unreliable businesses like Three Arrows Capital and FTX were removed from the ecosystem, and compliance became extremely important, leading to the industry's maturation. This approach has demonstrated how crucial it is to offer useful business tools via tokens and NFT in the Web 3 environment.

That's why luring the creators of Web 3 & the Metaverse to Dubai's investors & strategic partners remains a top focus for Metavsummit. The event has demonstrated to the world the value that gamification of business through VR, AR, and NFTs can contribute to the customer experience, making it more pleasurable and memorable. The best businesses in the Web 3, Metaverse & NFT market sectors, including Undead.com, Gaia Everworld, Metaverser and Dancing Seahorse, will be gathered in Dubai to provide the world with a better understanding of how business will be conducted in the future. Additionally, the event continues to support the development of a long-term-focused industry that makes it possible for our planet to have truly decentralized technology.

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