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The World's Largest Cardano-based Cross-Chain NFT Market Pre-sale begins for Verlux

Verlux is a well-known project that aspires to build the world's largest Cardano Blockchain Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace. Verlux is excited to announce the launch of their token pre-sale, which is off to a fantastic start with those who buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Verlux is a decentralised Cross-Chain NFT Platform that runs on the Cardano blockchain. It allows users to migrate their NFTs from one blockchain to another swiftly and effortlessly. Using the Cardano ecosystem's low transaction fees, rapid transactions, and security, this innovative solution makes NFTs more cost-effective.

Verlux's Cross-Chain Swap Protocol allows NFTs on other blockchains to be transferred to the Cardano blockchain while maintaining their legality and taking use of the Cardano blockchain's low transaction fees to create a marketplace. It seeks to sabotage the traditional NFT system.

In the NFT market, the Verlux team is developing a staking platform that allows users to harvest limited edition and 100% unique NFTs by simply staking their crypto market investment. As one of the Cardano projects to accomplish this, it distinguishes itself from the crowd of Verlux and other NFT markets.

To list NFTs on Verlux, users must first connect a compatible Cardano web-based wallet, such as Nami or Gero, and then click on Mint NFT, where a simple form to list your NFT will appear. Presenting a new medium for those trading crypto, especially those who buy Cardano.

The Verlux Marketplace and its larger ecosystem will be powered by the $VLX cryptocurrency. It will also serve as the Verlux Ecosystem's governance mechanism. NFT listings, stake to earn, and stake in NFT Farming to obtain the above NFT drops are only a few instances of how the Verlux Ecosystem will utilise the native Cardano utility coin.

The VLX tokeneomics are built to ensure that the initial decentralisation is perfect, and that the distribution procedure is fair enough to avoid market manipulation. Go to the $VLX Token Sale Page to participate in the VLX Token Pre-Sale. Users can purchase $VLX tokens at a reduced price before the $VLX Pre-sale ends and the Hardcap is achieved.

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